Although still has quite a way to go before being a world-renowned destination, Vietnam has something for everyone from nature lovers to those who are fascinated by city life and culture. There are major cities that cannot be missed if you come to Vietnam, such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. These cities possess unique charms and amazing attractions that cannot be found anywhere else.

The port of Phu My (pronounced "Foo Me") is your gateway to Ho Chi Minh City and the seaside resort of Vung Tau. From Phu My, you can discover the fascinating tunnel network at Cu Chi, used by the Viet Cong during the war. At their height, they stretched from the South Vietnamese capital to the Cambodian border. The port of Phu My also leads to the vibrant and exciting Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, where you can immerse yourself in unique colors, aromas, and sights.

Ho Chi Minh City, suited in the core of the Mekong Delta, formerly known as Saigon, is second the most important in Vietnam after Hanoi. It is not only a commercial center but also a scientific, technological, industrial, and tourist center. Many rivers, arroyos, and canals bathe the city, the biggest river being the Saigon River. The Port of Saigon, established in 1862, is accessible to ships weighing up to 30,000 tons, a rare advantage for an inland river port.

One factor that makes Ho Chi Minh City exceptional is the contrast between the old and the new. This is the country’s business center, and there are many areas under development, but there are also many places and buildings from earlier eras that are well preserved and well worth visiting to see the French colonial influences as well as ancient Buddhist sites.

Ho Chi Minh City


Vietnam’s largest city and beating economic heart, Ho Chi Minh is many visitors’ first impression of Vietnam. Situated along the Saigon River, it is a city where grand colonial architecture meets sprawling street markets, and has an energy that is undeniable. Ho Chi Minh City was formerly known as Saigon, and for many of its residents (and international visitors) the name still resonates. Despite being heavily damaged during the war years, the city has bounced back,...

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With a spectacular setting along the Perfume River, Hue served as the 19th century capital of Vietnam and is draped in imperial history and architecture. While many of its buildings were destroyed during the war years, Hue still retains an undeniable charm and wandering within the crumbling citadel walls is like stepping back in time. Hue’s Imperial Citadel includes temples, palaces, museums and galleries, all with their own tales to tell about the city’s evocative...

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Covered in lush forest and home to secluded bays, the dramatic limestone islands of Halong Bay in Vietnam's northeast are just one of the country's World Heritage listed destinations. Translating as “where the dragon descends into the sea”, Halong Bay is believed to have been created by a fierce dragon, who carved out its valleys before plunging into the sea, leaving in his wake the spectacular landscape seen today.Whether you opt for a day cruise or a multi-day...

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Nha Trang


The lively beach resort town of Nha Trang on Vietnam’s sprawling coastline boasts a spectacular setting. Its sweeping curve of sand is backed by lush green hills, and tropical offshore islands dot the azure warm waters of its bay. While there have been small village settlements throughout the region dating back to the Cham Empire, it wasn’t until the French Colonists arrived that Nha Trang was developed into Vietnam’s premier beach resort. The war years saw it...

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